Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PROFILE: Bob Miess

"They thought I was gonna die! The doctors and nurses worked valiantly to save my life, but they later confided that for the first couple of days they weren't sure I would make it. Now, as a heart attack survivor, living daily with heart failure, I know from personal experience that it is possible to survive and thrive, even after a massive heart attack and while living with the after-effects of a weakened heart. I also know that I could have prevented my heart attack, if only I had known what to do, and had actually done what I knew I should be doing. So I am feeding my love of life by providing coaching that helps people to achieve and maintain the heart-healthy lifestyles they want. I get to re-affirm my new lifestyle while sharing my passion for life with others who want to live life to the fullest!"  Bob Miess, 64

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