Thursday, July 12, 2012

"How Oprah's Life Class Is Feeding My Love Of Life" (Pam Guyer)

"I am completely benefiting from Oprah's life class. I have watched Oprah for years, and she has helped me to grow in so many ways. I am relieved to have these classes for a few reasons, first of all, I have missed her so this is the way to get that dose of her, an
injection.... Also, the content she is sharing is vital to learning and growing (and isn't that what life is all about). What I love is how Oprah shares her personal experience, she is so in touch with life, she has experienced so many situations and she has interviewed so many experts, she has a gift of exploring important topics that we all benefit from at some point in our life.

"All of the Life Classes have been beneficial, there were two that struck me. The one on Joy was meaningful to me! It lifted my spirits on a night I needed lifting! It also reminded me once again what Oprah has done for me for 25 years.... She opened my eyes, she inspired me and she touched the core of my soul! Another class was the on the whisper--it spoke to me personally because I believe I have heard a whisper and I believe it is God's way of directed me down the path he has chosen. When Oprah talked about it, it hit a core for me, because it validated why things happen for a reason. I am now listening and not listening to the chatter in the world. Watch out world, here comes Pam Guyer!

"Here is what I think: I think life class should be taught in every high school across America!!!!


Pam Guyer
Founder, HIPP MOMS
Executive NVP, Arbonne

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