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How Jenny Gallagher Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

I've always tried to see the positive in life even when it was challenging. For example one time I took a new job and it was a struggle every day. I worked 60-70 hours a week and got very little support. Other team members were bullies. One day I decided to change all that I could; my perspective. I changed my log-on password to 'smile' to remind me each day to lighten up. Life is short and I want to enjoy as much of it as I can. I ended up having a very successful career for that organization.

10 years ago I started my own wellness business because I felt there was a lot of what I call 'self induced suffering'. To me that is when we have made choices (career, relationships, activities) but then feel overwhelmed by our commitments. We create bad habits of blaming, complaining and make poor life style choices that make us feel even worse. As a life, business and wellness coach I specialize in self improvement and work with professionals and small business owners. I wanted to make coaching techniques available to everyone and offer free and low cost services and products. I will help anyone with a good goal or dream even if they have very little time or money. I offer a scholarship program and believe in paying it forward. I love writing articles for local print magazines and Internet websites. I also host a talk radio show and do public speaking. And I love teaching yoga classes locally and have guest taught and offered workshops throughout the country. I want to inform and inspire and love what I do!

For more information you can go to and for information about my latest book titled Yen Path: Taking Steps Towards What You Want in Life you can go to Amazon or You can reach me at or call 503-939-9552.

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How Wendy Williams Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

I wrote a book about love.

The Globalisation of Love is about the whirls and twirls, the quirks and perks, the frustrations and the fun of a multicultural relationship. The book is based on dozens of interviews with multicultural couples from around the world. It includes chapters on multicultural weddings, religion, race, food, language and children. It is both humorous and factual and I include personal anecdotes from my own experience in a multicultural family.

It is important to recognise that a multicultural relationship, what I call a GloLo relationship, is inherently different than a monocultural relationship. Multicultural couples have all the issues that exist in monocultural relationships, as well as whatever colourful combination of culture, language, religion and ethnicity the couple bring into their marriage. The book outlines the issues in a multicultural marriage, so it helps GloLo couples to identify hot spots in the relationship that are culturally based. I wanted other GloLo couples to know that they are not alone and that there is a funny side to a GloLo marriage. The challenges may be bigger but the rewards are huge.

I wrote the book because globalisation has been the buzz word of the past 20 years, yet little attention is given to the most profound influence of globalisation, which is the effect it has on people. People from everywhere are falling in love with people from everywhere else. Secondly, multiculturalism is another term that is bandied about to describe some kind of pesky nuisance to society, yet multicultural couples and families are constantly increasing and becoming a social norm. Thirdly, multicultural couples get a lot of negative attention, like they are all destined to fail. In fact, most GloLo couples describe their multicultural relationship and experience as enlightening, enriching and the most amazing journey to take through matrimonial life. Almost every knows someone or is related to someone in a GloLo relationship. This book is about their love story.

There is a world of romance happening out there and it is all captured in The Globalisation of Love.

Wendy Williams, Author of The Globalisation of Love

How Darla Arni Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

I have dedicated my life to helping others, and thus helping myself, by sharing my stories, successes, solutions, insights, setbacks and frustrations through my professional speaking, writing, artwork, and generally the way I live my life. My goal is to impart awareness and hope with a healthy dose of life skills thrown in for good measure. 

The two most important lessons/actions that I really really try to do daily to make the most difference are:

Control My Thoughts:

Keep negative thoughts out of your mind and replace them with grateful ones to turn your life around one day at a time. Our actions and outcomes follow the way of our thoughts and our thoughts can be controlled. How cool is that?

The Art of Being Still:

Practice being still for 5 minutes a day. Choose a quiet time and comfortable place that is good for you, close your eyes, breathe in through the nose then out through your mouth as you relax. The result will be calmness, clarity and a feeling you can handle whatever comes your way.

The BEST thing about these techniques? Not only do they work but they don't cost a dime!!

If your moments have purpose, so will your life. Enjoy!


Darla Arni

Sharing Creative Energy


Author: Full Plate no fork New!



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Darla Arni is a nationwide speaker, author, artist and attitude expert who helps others navigate through life by imparting awareness & hope with a healthy dose of life skills. She presents to a wide range of audiences and shares her expertise every month through her e-newsletter.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

I have a love for life.  I believe that every person is granted time on earth because we have a special gift to share with the world to make it a better place.  And each of us has the ability to reach that potential in this life.   Sharing this basic philosophy, which is at the core of Little Patient Big Doctor is the reason I wrote the book.
The story I share is of overcoming health challenges.  I now speak to groups and reach out in every way I can to encourage and inspire people to trust their instincts, always have hope and to persevere in the face of challenges.  The reality is that this can only happen if we have a vision of the type of life we want to live and persist in the hope that it is possible.

Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick is a speaker and author of the book Little Patient Big Doctor: One Mother's Journey. 

How Derrick Hayes Is Feeding His Love Of Life.

My love of life is fed by giving others opportunities. I started Today's Honoree so that people could give back to others who are making a difference in their life. It doesn't matter how big or small you are or how much or less money you have each Today's Honoree has to be nominated by someone other than themselves.

Today's Honoree has already featured the likes of Chandra Thorpe, Dr. Ben Thrower, Pastor Earl Carroll, Bob Hughes, Gus Deligiannidis, Joseph Andreula, Oliver Ross, Darren Marks and Salva Dut (Lost Boy of Sudan), and J.D. Masterson.

The following information is needed for you to nominate someone or for you to be nominated for Today's Honoree.

1. Who you are nominating?

2. Why are you nominating them?

3. Bio if you have one and it was not included above.

4. Picture of Nominee if you have one.

5. Video of nominee if you have one. (Embeded code from You Tube is preferred)

Reply with all information here or send to Derrick Hayes at

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How Carolyn Jones Is Feeding Her Love Of Life!

"Part of my love of life includes noticing the little things. I practice conscious awareness of everything around me... other people, places, and things. I delight in what I see. What I experience is very rich in nature and brings me great joy. For example, I think one of my favorite things to witness is an elderly couple holding hands and smiling. It feeds my heart and brings me hope.

"Another way I feed my love of life is through my expression of gratitude. I love to be grateful for everything that occurs in my life, even the disappointing or difficult things which arise occasionally. I have many blessings for which to be grateful, including my humble abode. There, I am especially grateful for the way I have decorated my home, as an additional way that I feed my love of life is by surrounding myself with objects and plants that feed my spirit.

"To encourage others, I set an example that they, if they choose, can follow. It is often contagious to be around a positive person, lifting the spirits of another, so I try to be that positive person.

"The main way I encourage others, however, is through the promotion of my book "Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing." It is a tribute to the resiliency and beauty of the human spirit, and it gently guides you, the reader, to greater self-love and love of others. It is definitely a "feel good" book, and helps you to a more positive space within and in the world around you. It is my hope and my passion to guide you to a greater love of life, so that you, too, can experience great joy."

Carolyn CJ Jones
- Speaker, Author, Photographer: Opening the Gates of the Heart: A Journey of Healing
- Healing emotional pain with inspirational photographs and prose

- Gate Lady Publishing
- office: 415-883-8325
- fax: 415-532-2381

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