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Friday, July 13, 2012

"Discovering Your Purpose" by Cyrus Webb

Why am I here?

It's a question I have found myself asking sometimes when things don't seem clear or if I have taken a "wrong turn" on the road of my life. For many they spend day after day wondering the same thing: What am I supposed to do? Does my life have any meaning?

I'm glad to say that the answer is yes.

No matter how difficult things might seem at times, we all have a purpose. What does that mean? Well, for me our purpose is our reason for being here, the reason why we were put on this earth. Think about this: out of all of the babies that were conceived, you made it when so many did not. Why? Well, you have a reason for being here. It's up to us to identify that reason and then live our lives in accordance with it. It's not always easy, especially when things don't seem as though they are going our way.

The good thing to keep in mind is that just as you have struggled to identify your purpose, so have so many others. It all begins with thinking about it and articulating it for yourself. That is all you need to get the ball rolling and to start living the life you were destined for.

I asked my Facebook and Twitter friends to share their purpose. Here are some of the responses...

"My Purpose is to make a difference in peoples lives. To be a positive influence in otherwise, a negative world." Dana Hampton aka @italiansongbird on Twitter

"My purpose is to find and step into my God given destiny in life so that I can help others find and step into theirs!" Kevin Benton Philadelphia, PA (Facebook)

"My purpose is to utilize my voice, excercise my rights, and speak the truth. In doing so I pray that it awakens, strengthens, and feeds the spirit of another and brings forth words that are thought lost, dormant, or in a trance-like sleep. I pray my courage ignites a fire within that voice. I pray my purpose encourages at least one other to SPEAK!!" Katandra Shanel Jackson Taylor, CEO @ FreedomInk/President @ Angel Eyes Foundation Atlanta GA (Facebook)

"My purpose is to help other writers reach theirs." Author Brian L. Thompson Covington, GA (Facebook)

"My purpose is to participate in the personal growth and spiritual healing of others by sharing my story of hope and healing." Author Lynn C. Tolson Colorado Springs, CO (Facebook)

"My purpose is to share the benefits of a miraculous herb called Ganoderma. It heals body,mind,and soul. It is the King of herbs" @Tiffanyscafe on Twitter

"My purpose is to spread love and beauty in the world by helping children embrace their unique gifts and delight in their authenticity to enable their dreams to come true." Sheri Fink (Facebook)

What about you? What is your purpose? Have you identified? Share it with us here on this post and let's work together to walk in it.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

PROFILE: Michelle Colon-Johnson

"I am feeding my Love for Life by letting others know that we are not limited by our situation and circumstances. I started speaking because of a promise I made to a dying friend. She asked me to share my story with others even if it was just once. I was not to thrilled about the request but she was on her death bed. She died of cancer.

After she made me promise she died moments after. It was about two years before I honored her wish. My cancer doctor called me and asked if I would speak at a cancer support group in his place. My thought was to do something nice for him and knock out my promise. I mentioned my friend when I spoke and told the group that I was there in her honor. A lady began to cry in the front row. I asked her not to cry because It was breaking my heart and she looked at me and said that my friend had started their group and they had merged with another group. I was so stunned because I could feel my friend standing there with me. Even after that I was kind of in denial. I went through a divorce, lost some loved ones, my child was molested and also diagnosed with Autism.

"My thoughts were ,"how much more could I take? At the end of 2009 I started evaluating my life and realized that I had a story to share. My friend had been encouraging me along the way. I was just not open to telling my story and never imagined I would actually love speaking. The most rewarding thing for me is the letters I get and the emails people send telling me that because of my story they chose to get back up again. It is humbling.

"I am in the process of writing a book. It is called "365 days... 2 Learn 2 Love 2 Live 2 Dream". It is a series of lessons I have learned along my journey. I never thought I would want to write a book much less it be in the editing stages. And I know one day I will write MY story of getting back up when life knocked me down. As with everything it will take time.

"I speak and sometimes life coach.. I love traveling to different places and meeting new people. I also am very involved in my local Autism Society. I speak about my cancer in the month of October every year and I currently am on the board of Opera in my area where I chair an event called Diva's Closet. The event is to raise money for their education program. They teach kids how to create an Opera from their favorite story books. The actual event for me touched on several areas that touched my heart. We have women donate their clothes to the Opera and we create an event to sell them at discounted prices. This helps women who are starting off or starting over in life be able to afford nice clothing. I started connecting small and large businesses together so they could network on the same level. Not everyone has a budget for advertising so I made it where they could donate their time and services and get recognized."

Michelle Colon-Johnson

How Alinka Rutkowska Feeds Her Love Of Life

How I Am Feeding My Love of Life?
I focus. I know that when I look for the things that I want to see like love, abundance, joy, and when I acknowledge and appreciate them in my reality, I attract even more of them. The realization that I create my reality through my thoughts and feelings and doing it in every moment is the force that I use to feed my love of life.
I have a lot of tricks in my bag of tricks that I use to focus myself into bliss. You must be wondering what they are and will I share them? Of course I will share! Once I have discovered a great method and tested it on myself and often on others, I feel exhilarated to be able to share it with those who are ready to apply it. Here are some of my favorite tricks:
  • I always reach for a better feeling. If you are feeling particularly low, you cannot just quantum leap into bliss, but what you can do is reach for a better feeling. If you are desperate, you can't immediately jump into ecstasy, but you can focus yourself into hope and from there you can focus yourself into relief and from there you can focus yourself into positive expectation and from there you can focus yourself into joy.
  • I bless a lot. What I mean by blessing is that when I look at something I want I bless it in my mind. Let me explain. When I was single and I saw a happy couple I trained myself into not feeling jealous but into thinking: "what a beautiful thing these two are having, how lovely" and I smiled. This is because like attracts like and I knew that if I wanted to experience a loving relationship I had to cultivate within me the feeling of love and appreciation for what I wanted. And surely enough it worked :) I have a whole chapter on gratitude and blessings in my best-selling book "Read Me - I Am Magical" ( F8&qid=1320511960&sr=8-1)
  • I meditate. There is nothing that grounds me faster and more effectively than meditation. When I meditate I immediately realize that I am the creator of my reality, I connect with the universe in a powerful way and immediately trust that all is well. I feel connected and one with the universal forces as opposed to alone and disconnected like many people do. I have a very powerful meditation technique I use which is a set of long and short breaths, head movements and visualizations or affirmations. It works every time. I describe it in detail in "Read Me - I Am Magical".
How do I encourage others to do the same?
  • I am the host of the "Dream Life Creators" show, in which I interview people who created the life of their dreams and I share their techniques with the world. It is so wonderful to talk to like-minded people and see what they do to create their dream lives. There are a lot of common denominators! Check out my website for more.
  • I write for children. Most of us get bombarded with negative thinking patterns from parents, teachers, games and TV as kids. This is the time when people develop beliefs that then impact their adult life and very often these beliefs are so negative that as adults those people require therapy or a whole lot of disciplined self-improvement efforts or coaching to shift their beliefs from limiting ones to empowering ones. Each book from my Maya & Filippo series conveys a message that will make sure children grown up into being happy, fulfilled, satisfied adults.
Already available are (on, amazon and your local book store):
"Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland", in which siblings Maya and Filippo meet different kinds of people depending on their attitude (in Auckland, New Zealand).
"Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea", in which the children learn how they can turn one orange into enough for two. And most importantly they discover that you need to express your desires in order to have your dreams come true.
Coming soon are:
"Maya & Filippo Look for Happiness in Tauranga", in which the siblings discover where real happiness comes from.
"Maya & Filippo See 'Impossible' Things in The Garden City", in which brother and sister realize that the fact that they have never seen something before doesn't mean it does not exist.
"Maya & Filippo Visit The University of Dunedin", in which they discover what really matters when choosing a vocation.
- I spread the word out like through this article. One more thing. I always expect the universe to delight me and I invite you to do the same! Visit for more inspiration (for yourself and for your little ones).
Alinka Rutkowska,

"How Oprah's Life Class Is Feeding My Love Of Life" (Pam Guyer)

"I am completely benefiting from Oprah's life class. I have watched Oprah for years, and she has helped me to grow in so many ways. I am relieved to have these classes for a few reasons, first of all, I have missed her so this is the way to get that dose of her, an
injection.... Also, the content she is sharing is vital to learning and growing (and isn't that what life is all about). What I love is how Oprah shares her personal experience, she is so in touch with life, she has experienced so many situations and she has interviewed so many experts, she has a gift of exploring important topics that we all benefit from at some point in our life.

"All of the Life Classes have been beneficial, there were two that struck me. The one on Joy was meaningful to me! It lifted my spirits on a night I needed lifting! It also reminded me once again what Oprah has done for me for 25 years.... She opened my eyes, she inspired me and she touched the core of my soul! Another class was the on the whisper--it spoke to me personally because I believe I have heard a whisper and I believe it is God's way of directed me down the path he has chosen. When Oprah talked about it, it hit a core for me, because it validated why things happen for a reason. I am now listening and not listening to the chatter in the world. Watch out world, here comes Pam Guyer!

"Here is what I think: I think life class should be taught in every high school across America!!!!


Pam Guyer
Founder, HIPP MOMS
Executive NVP, Arbonne

"How I Am Feeding My Love Of Life" (Jackie Gaskins)

by Jackie Gaskins

I am feeding my love of life by dedicating my life to serve God and young girls. I was a teenage runaway in High School. I grew up in a great home. I had very loving parents. I got good grades, played sports, and eventually was taken to church. I let the things of this world draw me away from all of this. I became rebellious and miserable. I thought of suicide but was too scared to follow through. Thank God! I
had praying parents that NEVER gave up on me though discouraged and disappointed in me.

God is faithful to the prayers of the righteous. He chased after me. I KNEW He was there. I would have a wave of conviction come over me when at a party or when about to do something that I should not. I literally called home one time to ask if they were praying for me and "as a matter of fact" they had people over that were praying over my room as we spoke. I KNEW it. I could feel those prayers. Those prayers saved my life! I went home for selfish reasons, but I was home. That summer I asked God to show me if He was real. I needed a life change. He revealed Himself to me. I knew that He was real and for the first time I truly took the hand of my Savior and started our dance. It was not an immediate deliverance from all things and I was NOT perfect but I had a hold of my deliverer. He was starting to lead me in a dance that has continued to this day. I am in the process of writing my second book (first a children's book) that is about this process that I call "Dancing with My Daddy". My dance now is so different from our beginning steps. I now rest my head on His chest surrendering each step to his leading. I love to hear His breath that breathes life into me. This dance is now one of encouraging others to join along and to find their dance.

In May of 2011, my children's book, The Four Princesses was released by my publishing company Boutique of Quality Books. This story was told to me as I slept. After hearing it a couple of times, I arose and saved it on my computer as the words flowed from my heart. When my husband's alarm rang that morning, it was complete. I showed him what the Lord had given me and we knew it was a book for young girls to encourage them. This book birthed a nonprofit outreach for young girls. We started it this past fall. Our vision is to pour into these girls of all ages and let them know that they have a Father that loves them. He created them with gifts and purposes to be used for His glory. When we use these gifts with all of those that we come in contact with, we can change and bless our families, friends, and communities. We desire for these girls to find their identity in Christ and not the things of this world. They live in the world but they have gifts to bless and change the world for the good. The Four Princesses book is all about the same thing. The Four Princesses, daughters of the King, have been given gifts to use and to
bless the nearby village in order to help set them free.

I guess you can say that the way that I am loving life and encouraging others to do the same is by writing, serving,speaking, and living for Christ. He has changed my life and my dance. I pray my dance will encourage others to take the steps to begin their dance. Their Father is holding out His hand and patiently awaiting the acceptance to His dance.

We have four Beautiful daughters and we pray they each surrender their lives to their Father. They are Princesses created with gifts and we desire to see their dances effect many for the good of our Father, the King.

Find out more about Jackie at

"How Am I Feeding My Love Of Life?" (Author Tracey Pacelli)

by Tracey Pacelli

So glad you asked that question, because it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. Ever since I rebounded from a serious cancer, two years ago, and have been given a new lease on life, I’ve been asking myself for what greater purpose am I still here? I wanted to contribute somehow, in my own small way, to the betterment of others. But what could I do?

As an author of a newly released teen fantasy novel, I decided what I had to offer was my experience. I could speak about the journey I’ve been on as a writer and as a cancer survivor, and impart some of the life lessons I’ve learned along the way. It may not be Oprah’s Master Class, but the scaled down Tracey Pacelli version may prove quite useful. I thought perhaps I might be able to inspire teens to embrace their creativity and run with it. No sooner did I decide on this course of action, that I received not one but three invitations to lecture at schools—including my daughter’s high school! I guess,when the teacher is ready, the students will come.

This has been confirmation for me that I am indeed onto something here, and I’ll continue to do all I can to inspire other budding young authors to embrace their artistry, and in doing so, to embrace life and all it has to offer.

Tracey Pacelli is the author of Time Warped. You can find out more about her and the book at

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