Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How Stephanie Staples Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

What Feeds my Love of Life is knowing that what I do matters. That who I am matters and that how I show up in the world matters.

Following a lifetime of hardwired thinking that what I did had no effect on the rest of the world, I have now immersed myself in the world of personal growth. It has changed everything for me and now I teach personal development to others so that it can have similar benefits and rewards for them.

Personally, I feeds my love of live by:

1) Working harder on myself than on anything else. When I stop blaming
others and look within the answers always appear. Always. I continuously
read, listen to audios, attend sessions and fuel myself with positive ideas.
2) Finding inspiration everywhere. It is at the grocery store, in the eyes
of the elderly, in the skip of a child, it is everywhere - we just have to
tune in and look to find it. Let the inspiration wash over you and motivate
you continuously.
3) Take action.  Reading, listening, watching - it's not enough, it's the
getting out there, trying, failing, embarrassing, crying, fearing,
frustrating myself - all those things that add up to eventually feed my love
of life. Learning to push past obstacles is exhilarating.

4) Grow your group. My circle of friends and people of influence are
continually growing and changing as I grow and change.  Being open to new
relationships and adventures with people who are not exactly like me, adds a
new element to life that makes it fun and exciting!

5)Knowing that by growing myself I am helping other people, making my
relationships stronger and helping to make the world a better place
ultimately is the pinnacle of feeding my love of life.

I have seen the lows and experienced the high and life is so much better on
this side of the fence. I will never go back!

Stephanie Staples

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  1. What joy! I saw a link to this website and followed it, thinking it sounded delightful. And lookie who I found here! Stephanie! I met you at one of Brendon's events a while back and think fondly of our brief connection. High energy and fun! Love what you have to say here about finding inspiration everywhere. Amen, sista! :-)


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