Saturday, November 19, 2011

How Darla Arni Is Feeding Her Love Of Life

I have dedicated my life to helping others, and thus helping myself, by sharing my stories, successes, solutions, insights, setbacks and frustrations through my professional speaking, writing, artwork, and generally the way I live my life. My goal is to impart awareness and hope with a healthy dose of life skills thrown in for good measure. 

The two most important lessons/actions that I really really try to do daily to make the most difference are:

Control My Thoughts:

Keep negative thoughts out of your mind and replace them with grateful ones to turn your life around one day at a time. Our actions and outcomes follow the way of our thoughts and our thoughts can be controlled. How cool is that?

The Art of Being Still:

Practice being still for 5 minutes a day. Choose a quiet time and comfortable place that is good for you, close your eyes, breathe in through the nose then out through your mouth as you relax. The result will be calmness, clarity and a feeling you can handle whatever comes your way.

The BEST thing about these techniques? Not only do they work but they don't cost a dime!!

If your moments have purpose, so will your life. Enjoy!


Darla Arni

Sharing Creative Energy


Author: Full Plate no fork New!



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Darla Arni is a nationwide speaker, author, artist and attitude expert who helps others navigate through life by imparting awareness & hope with a healthy dose of life skills. She presents to a wide range of audiences and shares her expertise every month through her e-newsletter.

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