Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PROFILE: Nancy Schimmel

"I always feel more love of life when I come out of the Y after a
swim. It's not just the exercise; I feel like going through the water
is washing away my stress, and I also like the community of chit-chat
in the locker room.

"Then I'm ready to tackle the ins and outs of being in business for
myself--I'm a songwriter and I love the writing but getting the songs
out there takes work. Some of my songs are for children; some of
these just for fun but some are upbeat songs about the issues they
face: bullying, deteriorating environment, TV ads for toys that break
immediately. You can hear my song about bullying, written with and
sung by Judy Fjell, at

"I also try to make the world a better place by taking part in
demonstrations--I plan on going to one this afternoon to support a
bill that will prevent drastic downsizing of the postal service, with
loss of jobs especially in smaller communities. It makes me feel good
to be with people who are hopeful enough to take action. I belong to
a group, the Freedom Song Network, that provides music for
demonstrations, rallies, union picket lines and meetings.

"Contact with nature also feeds my love of life, even just working in
my garden. And I guess it's obvious but singing does too, either on a
walk, or with a chorus, or in performance."

Nancy Schimmel
Berkeley, California

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