Thursday, July 12, 2012

"How I'm Feeding My Love Of Life" by Freda Emmons

"When I was a little girl and there were things happening to my body that hurt and caused me to feel degraded and shamed, I was able to separate my emotional self from the physical and climb into a black cloud of safety, where I stayed as long as I needed to. It was a way to survive the years of trauma from physical and sexual abuse. As a young adult, I found myself confused and immobilized by depression. I learned through counseling some very tiny steps of healing that I could take and began to heal from a lifetime of pain. I experienced more healing when I began to read the Bible. I combined the steps and the healing verses and wrote a book, "Flame of Healing: A Daily Journey of Healing from Abuse and Trauma." As I wrote the book, I healed even more because I was in a safe place, the love of God. I was able to identify a deeper area of pain that what I could with counseling alone, a forced abortion that occurred at about the age of 11 or 12, and work through the many issues that surround such a deep level of pain.

"It is interesting to me that this website is about feeding my love of life. As a child, I learned to use food as a physical way to comfort myself. From my early school years and on into my adult life, food was a huge source of comfort. When I wrote "Flame of Healing," I was able to begin the process of re-defining comfort measures and re-establishing healthy eating. Food is no longer that source of feeding my love of life; I have relegated it to its better place of nourishing the body and now find my source of feeding my love of life in two areas that are much more healthy and fulfilling.

"First and foremost, my passion is my faith in Christ Jesus. He healed me and has given me a comforter, His Spirit, to be always with me and ever encouraging me. I know I am loved and feel filled to the brim and overflowing for the love of life. The second passion is experiencing the transformation of my pain and suffering to be the very point of compassion and empathy for others who have also suffered. Pain that grips and tears the life right out of a person is mitigated through this very personal devotional, partially because it includes a journal for very private, personal expression of emotions. Helping others through "Flame of Healing" has given the years I suffered a reason, a purpose and now, I experience joy unspeakable with the knowledge of the healing hearts and souls of those who are taking steps of healing in its pages.

"My longing is for "Flame of Healing" to be utilized around the globe; people everywhere are suffering. I have written in such a way that it is not limited to any one area of suffering, but it will indeed help anyone who has suffered any trauma. It is currently being used by a retreat ministry for healing from sexual abuse issues, Grief to Grace ( for every attendee to continue their healing after the retreat. "Flame of Healing" can be used as a catalyst for healing in support groups, private counseling, a personal endeavor of healing and ministry to help others who are suffering and are searching for healing.

"Life is filled with love and being a part of the healing of another individual's searing pain of trauma is the very best high. I have no need of constant stuffing of food, nor do I crave the medicating of alcohol, drugs or even shopping! I feel the deepest of fulfillment, for there is peace in my heart and a life filled with hope and love. I am so very blessed to have the privilege of sharing the hope, healing and love I've found." Freda Emmons, author and inspirational

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