Thursday, July 12, 2012

"How Am I Feeding My Love Of Life?" (Author Tracey Pacelli)

by Tracey Pacelli

So glad you asked that question, because it honestly couldn’t have come at a better time. Ever since I rebounded from a serious cancer, two years ago, and have been given a new lease on life, I’ve been asking myself for what greater purpose am I still here? I wanted to contribute somehow, in my own small way, to the betterment of others. But what could I do?

As an author of a newly released teen fantasy novel, I decided what I had to offer was my experience. I could speak about the journey I’ve been on as a writer and as a cancer survivor, and impart some of the life lessons I’ve learned along the way. It may not be Oprah’s Master Class, but the scaled down Tracey Pacelli version may prove quite useful. I thought perhaps I might be able to inspire teens to embrace their creativity and run with it. No sooner did I decide on this course of action, that I received not one but three invitations to lecture at schools—including my daughter’s high school! I guess,when the teacher is ready, the students will come.

This has been confirmation for me that I am indeed onto something here, and I’ll continue to do all I can to inspire other budding young authors to embrace their artistry, and in doing so, to embrace life and all it has to offer.

Tracey Pacelli is the author of Time Warped. You can find out more about her and the book at

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