Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PROFILE: Nancy D. Butler

"After building a business from scratch as a single parent with no other source of income, to approx. $200 million in assets under management, 25 years later I sold my business.  The original intent was to retire.  Shortly before the business sold, I decided that I did not want to die with the over 25 years of knowledge I had gained on how to raise a family as a single parent and how to build and run a successful business.  So, within a few months of the sale of the business I set up a new business.  I am now a national speaker and consultant to help business owners do a better job for their clients and improve their bottom line.  And speak on topics to help individuals live a successful life and realize their dreams. As a Trainer, Educator, Motivational Speaker and Entertainer, I help improve performance, build success and leave audiences energized, educated and excited about their future.

"On the personal side I love caring for my grand children twice a week for the last 14 years and also have been looking after my 87 year old mother's care for the last ten years.  After being divorced for 12 years I remarried. My husband and I travel often to different parts of the world.

"Life is what you make of it.  In the last few years I have been up in a hot air balloon, parasailing, rode in a sail plane (no engine) and swam with dolphins, a beluga whale and sting rays.  Realizing I only have this one life to live, I want to really live it now."  

Nancy D. Butler, 61
Waterford, Connecticut

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