Wednesday, September 28, 2011

PROFILE: Sandra LaMorgese

"I followed my heart, and then I began to nourish my soul for my love of life.
"Ten years ago I decided to step into the wellness industry to educate and inspire others on "personal wellness empowerment." I had no idea now I was going to do this, and in addition, I had no formal education in the health field. But, that little voice inside me told me I could and I should do it! At the time I was a salon and day spa owner. My business was doing pretty good, so I was taking a major risk. In addition, I was single with no family in the area to help me it I needed something to fall back on. So basically, I knew I had to put 110% of my drive and passion into my dream! Sometimes ignorance is bliss...
"Wow! If I had known before hand that my "dream journey" was going to be so difficult, I'm not sure if I would have had the nerve. However, along the way I found out a few things about me I didn't know. For example; that material things have no value, and I was richer by learning this, that my ego was not aligned with my true self, and that the only person or thing that can keep me from reaching my me, and that I am never alone, God's love is always with me.
"Everyday I'm grateful for living my purpose and that my dream just gets bigger every minute! If I have inspired one person into feeding into the life they love, it would fill my heart. However, I think I'll keep going...." Sandra LaMorgese, 55
Little Falls, New Jersey 07424

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