Thursday, July 12, 2012

How Alinka Rutkowska Feeds Her Love Of Life

How I Am Feeding My Love of Life?
I focus. I know that when I look for the things that I want to see like love, abundance, joy, and when I acknowledge and appreciate them in my reality, I attract even more of them. The realization that I create my reality through my thoughts and feelings and doing it in every moment is the force that I use to feed my love of life.
I have a lot of tricks in my bag of tricks that I use to focus myself into bliss. You must be wondering what they are and will I share them? Of course I will share! Once I have discovered a great method and tested it on myself and often on others, I feel exhilarated to be able to share it with those who are ready to apply it. Here are some of my favorite tricks:
  • I always reach for a better feeling. If you are feeling particularly low, you cannot just quantum leap into bliss, but what you can do is reach for a better feeling. If you are desperate, you can't immediately jump into ecstasy, but you can focus yourself into hope and from there you can focus yourself into relief and from there you can focus yourself into positive expectation and from there you can focus yourself into joy.
  • I bless a lot. What I mean by blessing is that when I look at something I want I bless it in my mind. Let me explain. When I was single and I saw a happy couple I trained myself into not feeling jealous but into thinking: "what a beautiful thing these two are having, how lovely" and I smiled. This is because like attracts like and I knew that if I wanted to experience a loving relationship I had to cultivate within me the feeling of love and appreciation for what I wanted. And surely enough it worked :) I have a whole chapter on gratitude and blessings in my best-selling book "Read Me - I Am Magical" ( F8&qid=1320511960&sr=8-1)
  • I meditate. There is nothing that grounds me faster and more effectively than meditation. When I meditate I immediately realize that I am the creator of my reality, I connect with the universe in a powerful way and immediately trust that all is well. I feel connected and one with the universal forces as opposed to alone and disconnected like many people do. I have a very powerful meditation technique I use which is a set of long and short breaths, head movements and visualizations or affirmations. It works every time. I describe it in detail in "Read Me - I Am Magical".
How do I encourage others to do the same?
  • I am the host of the "Dream Life Creators" show, in which I interview people who created the life of their dreams and I share their techniques with the world. It is so wonderful to talk to like-minded people and see what they do to create their dream lives. There are a lot of common denominators! Check out my website for more.
  • I write for children. Most of us get bombarded with negative thinking patterns from parents, teachers, games and TV as kids. This is the time when people develop beliefs that then impact their adult life and very often these beliefs are so negative that as adults those people require therapy or a whole lot of disciplined self-improvement efforts or coaching to shift their beliefs from limiting ones to empowering ones. Each book from my Maya & Filippo series conveys a message that will make sure children grown up into being happy, fulfilled, satisfied adults.
Already available are (on, amazon and your local book store):
"Maya & Filippo Make Friends in Auckland", in which siblings Maya and Filippo meet different kinds of people depending on their attitude (in Auckland, New Zealand).
"Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea", in which the children learn how they can turn one orange into enough for two. And most importantly they discover that you need to express your desires in order to have your dreams come true.
Coming soon are:
"Maya & Filippo Look for Happiness in Tauranga", in which the siblings discover where real happiness comes from.
"Maya & Filippo See 'Impossible' Things in The Garden City", in which brother and sister realize that the fact that they have never seen something before doesn't mean it does not exist.
"Maya & Filippo Visit The University of Dunedin", in which they discover what really matters when choosing a vocation.
- I spread the word out like through this article. One more thing. I always expect the universe to delight me and I invite you to do the same! Visit for more inspiration (for yourself and for your little ones).
Alinka Rutkowska,

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